​Just as the Industrial Revolution transformed manufacturing centuries ago, the Internet Revolution has changed insurance. Customers who once bought all their life, property, and casualty coverage through paper-based transactions are now shopping for and buying insurance products using tablet computers and smartphones.

While technology has revolutionized most other industries—think online travel, retail, trading and mobile banking—insurance has been the laggard. Actuarial spreadsheets, brokers, agents and physical paperwork predominate. Old firms struggle with legacy systems and complex regulatory requirements. The cost of change has been high, and the cost of entry for newer players into this industry can be even higher. This is where WebTech Masters come into play and help firms upgrade to new technology on affordable prices.

Global insurers see an increasing need to expand in core and emerging markets, create innovative products and services for changing consumer demographics, and optimize costs while meeting stringent regulatory norms. Our services can be instrumental in delivering project success for insurance companies.

    Our services include:
  • Legal Data Management Application
  • Claims Management Application
  • Website development for insurance companies/personal insurance agents
  • Online quote system for consumers
  • Online claims reporting & tracking application
  • Integration Applications for insurance companies

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