Education industry is the mother of all industries. If we don’t provide sufficient tools for this industry, we will not have the talent that could provide support or growth of other industries. Current trends indicate the use of e books, electronic journals, e-papers, online testing, e learning, and online enrollment of classes, online submission of assignments, online evaluation, and online education/classes. A vast technology is responsible for all this to happen. Earlier, technology in education was a debatable topic amongst the society. Everyone had their own views on modernizing education and making it technology aided. There were a huge number of positives and negatives to education technology. But, gradually as technology was embraced by the educational institutes, they realized the importance of technology in education. Its positives outnumbered the negatives and now, with technology, education has taken a whole new meaning that it leaves us with no doubt that our educational system has been transformed owing to the ever-advancing technology. Technology and education are a great combination if used together with a right reason and vision.
If your instituion is not using the new technolgy, you may be lagging behind other institutions. WebTech Masters can help you with its expertise in technology by providing following services-

  • Website development of schools, colleges, and Universities
  • Online testing Applications
  • Online Teaching/Education Applications
  • Database applications of student/staff
  • Library search engines
  • Online library Applications
  • Student/Staff portals
  • Tuition billing software
  • Online bill pay application
  • Electronic Research Records
  • One stop student services applications
  • Employment & career planning applications

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