Who we are:

WebTech Masters is a growing IT and Healthcare consulting & Management Firm with focus on the creation of strategic partnerships with our clients, our consultants, and the community. The headquarter of the company is located in Minnesota. The company has multiple off shore centers.

Why WebTech Masters?

    Our three core values:
  • Our Clients
  • Our Employees
  • Our Quality

No matter who the customer--large or small, technically-oriented or not--we make time for an in-depth involvement in and a full understanding of their business, enabling us to develop the most efficient and effective solutions according to their unique requirements. Our experience has shown that this commitment to each client's particular needs fosters a loyalty rare in today's fast-moving business environment.

Loyalty proves to be a key factor in our relationship with our employees as well our consultants. Investing in talent is a high priority for WebTech. We make sure our employees are in a culture where they feel they are part of the organization.

The market and our clients dictate the technical services we provide. WebTech Masters always employs cutting-edge technologies while remaining mindful of legacy and integration issues. We draw on our world-leading expertise in Information Technology to provide a wide range of flexible, scalable, end to end solutions. We do not mix quality with quantity. We make sure our customers are happy and satisfied with the quality we provide.

Our Business Philosphy

  • Triangulate the relationship among our clients, our consultants, and the market to create cutting-edge IT solutions.
  • Enable IT professionals to be prepared, proactive, and productive.
  • Create a corporate/extra-corporate community of shared pride, purpose and professionalism.
  • Commit to uncompromising quality, recognizing that it is not our own, but our customers' perceptions of quality that are most important.
  • "If it is ethical and enhances customer satisfaction, do it."
  • Remain customer-driven, employee-oriented and mission-focused.
  • Be the best at what we do.

WebTech Masters has had experience serving and partnering with businesses in the following sectors:

  • Health Care
  • Airline
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail/Distribution
  • Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Academia
  • Hospitality